Saugus Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree Announces Cliftondale Market Analysis Findings Meeting

(Saugus, MA) December 20, 2016 – Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree, the Planning and Development Department, and the Town Manager’s Economic Development Committee invite residents, business owners, and Town officials to join in on a discussion of the Cliftondale Market Analysis, on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 5 p.m. in the Town Hall Conference Room.

The meeting will highlight the results of a business study that was conducted in response to the changing business climate. It will also feature a presentation of existing business conditions, as well as potential solutions to long-standing problems impacting small businesses in the neighborhood.

“In order to make certain our business community is able to withstand market disruptions, we need to better understand the things small business owners are encountering,” said Town Manager Crabtree. “Most people already know that Saugus has a robust commercial corridor along Route 1, but it’s not our only business center in town.  Cliftondale is located in an area that serves more than 15,000 people who live within a 1-mile radius, and 52,000 people within a 2-mile radius. We’d like to take advantage of that captive audience and make them aware of the businesses operating in our community.”

The Cliftondale business report is one in a series of studies being conducted in Saugus to better understand the community’s needs and how they can be addressed.  Recently, the Town received a grant from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to conduct an analysis of potential opportunities for Saugus businesses relative to the operations of the Wynn Casino in the nearby City of Everett. 

Please contact the Planning and Development Office at 781-231-4044 with any questions.


About The Town of Saugus

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