Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree Announces Agreement with Armstrong Ambulance

 Town Manager Announces Agreement with Armstrong Ambulance

(Saugus, MA) May 29, 2018 – Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree is pleased to announce that the Town of Saugus has entered into an agreement with Armstrong Ambulance to provide ambulance services to the residents and visitors of Saugus.  

As the Town’s new sole ambulance provider, Armstrong will provide a comprehensive range of patient-centric services, from emergent and non-emergent Ambulance Service to Specialized Transportation.

Armstrong Ambulance will also provide additional features new to the Town of Saugus, such as: access to up to 30 backup ambulances in the surrounding area; a Lucas CPR chest compression machine which initiates mechanical compressions increasing survivability of a sudden cardiac arrest;   and a Cyanokit, which is medication used in an emergency to treat cyanide poisoning that can occur if one is exposed to smoke from a house or industrial fire.

“I am pleased to welcome Armstrong Ambulance aboard as the Town’s primary ambulance provider,” said Town Manager Crabtree. “Under our new agreement, Armstrong Ambulance will provide a number of services to the Town of Saugus that were not previously available under our prior provider. These continued emergency medical services, as well as additional amenities, will be extremely beneficial for the safety of our residents and community.”

Armstrong Ambulance originally partnered with the Town of Saugus in October 2016 to provide secondary ambulance services throughout the remainder of the Town’s contract with American Ambulance. With a headquarters in Arlington, Armstrong Ambulance employs more than 300 highly trained emergency medical services professionals and their fleet includes 90 vehicles, stationed across 10 locations and equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology available.

“Armstrong Ambulance is an active member of the American Ambulance Association (AAA) and a founding member of the Massachusetts Ambulance Association (MAA), as well as one of only six agencies in Massachusetts accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS),” said Saugus Fire Chief Michael Newbury. “They are a welcome addition to the Town of Saugus.”

Armstrong Ambulance is also the sole EMS response member of the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC), a consortium of police departments in Middlesex and Essex Counties, and two County Sheriff’s Departments. NEMLEC member agencies operate by sharing resources and personnel, collectively providing services to each other that might otherwise not be available to one department.

“It is extremely exciting to incorporate new features and resources to the Town’s emergency responders network,” said Police Chief Domenic DiMella. “With these cutting-edge services, we are able to provide a top-tier level of service to the residents and visitors of Saugus.”

Armstrong Ambulance paramedics also undergo Tactical Emergency Casual Care (TECC), a training that teaches EMS practitioners and other prehospital providers how to respond to and care for patients in a civilian tactical environment.

“Armstrong is happy to work with the Town of Saugus to provide the depth and breadth of resources necessary to service the residents and visitors of Saugus,” said Richard Raymond, CEO of Armstrong Ambulance. “Our mission is to ensure that exceptional emergency services are always available, any time they are needed.”


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