Town of Saugus Promotes Water Conservation, Sustainability through Rain Barrel Discount Program

Rain Barrel

(Saugus, MA) April 18, 2018 – Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree, the Planning and Development Department, and the Department of Public Works are excited to announce that the Town of Saugus, in conjunction with the Great American Rain Barrel Company, will offer discounted rain barrels to residents in order to promote water conservation and sustainability within the community.

Residents will have the opportunity to invest in a rain barrel for as low as $40 as part of the Town’s “Saugus Saves the Rain” initiative, which aims to reduce water consumption and reduce the amount of stormwater entering the Town’s sewer system.

Rain barrels are an excellent way to accomplish these goals, as well as to help lower water bills and curb water usage during droughts. Each rain barrel captures up to 60 gallons of rain, filling quickly with just an eighth-inch of rain. Rain barrels can individually capture thousands of gallons of water each year that residents can use for lawns and gardens instead of having it flow into the Town’s sewer system.

Last spring, the Town launched the “Saugus Saves the Rain” initiative by hosting a rain barrel giveaway. This event drew such a great deal of interest that the Town has extended the initiative to now offer rain barrels at a discounted rate for residents.

“We are thrilled to once again offer residents an easy way to collect and save water, and to help manage their water costs,” said Town Manager Scott Crabtree. “If every home in Saugus has just one rain barrel, our community could potentially eliminate 660,000 gallons of runoff for every eighth-inch of rain. It’s a significant source of water that residents can be using for free, and the widespread use of rain barrels could help reduce the Town’s long-term sewer management costs. Rain barrels can help reduce pollution from entering the Saugus River and can help address systemic stormwater infrastructure challenges, in turn resulting in the reduction of taxpayers’ expenses.”

Rain barrels can also be an excellent resource to use for conserving water during periods of drought.

The installation of rain barrels requires minimum work and little maintenance. Each barrel is 39 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter, and weighs 20 pounds when empty. Barrels come with an overflow elbow and spigot, and residents simply connect a hose in the spigot of the rain barrel for use watering lawns and gardens.

The rain barrels, which have a retail value of up to $119, will run between $40 and $50, depending on the selected model. Residents may choose from a painted barrel ($50), an unpainted barrel ($45), or a Terra Cotta barrel ($40).

Interested residents should visit, select “Community Programs” at the top of the page, select “Massachusetts” as the state, and “Saugus” as the community. Use coupon code “saugussaves” to receive the full discount. Barrels must be ordered by May 23, 2018 at midnight for the discount to apply.

Barrels will be available for pick up on Saturday, June 2, 2018, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Saugus Town Hall Parking Lot, located at 298 Central St. and Taylor Street.

For more information, contact Town Planner Krista Leahy at 781-231-4044 or

For more information on the Great American Rain Barrel Company, visit


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