About the Project

At a Town-wide election on June 20, 2017, an overwhelming majority of eligible residents in Saugus voted to support and invest in a new, 21st century education plan and Middle-High School District-Wide Master Plan Solution that will continue to prioritize education within the community. This initiative will change the way education is delivered and help the school district achieve its goal to become a top-rated, level 1 school district in Massachusetts.

This initiative will create a grades 6-12, new Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Middle-High School; the current Belmonte Middle School will be established as an Upper Elementary School for grades 3-5; and the Veterans Memorial Elementary School will become a Lower Elementary School for pre-K to grade 2. This vision and the school district’s plan will transform the way education is valued within this community. Most importantly, it will provide equal, equitable opportunities for students to access educational resources and reach their highest potential.

Following a successful Town-wide vote, the project gained MSBA approval and a grant of up to $65.1 million for new Middle-High School. The Town has since transitioned into the Detailed Design phase of the project (MSBA Module #6). The Detailed Design phase includes three parts: Design Development (DD), Construction Documentation (CD), and Bidding. DD is scheduled for completion in early November, 2017, and CD & Bidding is scheduled for completion by the end of June, 2018. Construction is slated to begin in the summer of 2018.

This District-Wide Solution Will:

  • Facilitate the School District’s Goal of Becoming a Level 1 School District: Saugus School District is currently rated as a Level 3 School for being among the lowest performing 20% of schools in the State. The Center for District and School Accountability (DSA) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) conducted a review in 2010 and placed the District under a corrective action and/or restructuring plan.
  • Allow the School District to Provide Fair and Equal Access to All and to Continue to Prioritize Education: It would provide equal, equitable access, and opportunities to educational resources for students to reach their highest potential and achievements.
  • Maintain our Accreditation with New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC): Saugus High School’s accreditation has been on warning since 2013 and is at risk of losing its accreditation due to inadequate building facilities. Construction of the new Middle-High School would resolve these following inadequacies: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, outdated and uncomfortable classroom furniture, a lack of adequate power for science labs, outdated lighting and technology, and a lack of security and lighting in the parking lot.
  • Address Health and Safety Issues: Construction of a new facility would resolve identified deficiencies in fire protection, sprinkler systems, and ADA accessibility, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and code issues. This will ensure that our children are in the safest and most secure schools.

This District-Wide Solution Will Improve the Quality of Education With:

  • Science labs that meet the State’s educational and safety standards.
  • Facilities, technology, and academic curricula to support critical skills for success in today’s educational and workforce environments including:
  • 3-D & computer-aided design labs
  • Coding, web design, and graphic design labs
  • Media, language, and accounting labs
  • Modern library media center
  • Chromebooks and Wi-Fi access for all students
  • Work spaces designed for student collaboration and project-based learning in all subject areas.
  • Shared instructional resources and opportunities for increased teacher collaboration.  

This District-Wide Solution Will Benefit our Community By:

  • Providing residents with access to the media center, cafetorium, and other common areas during non­school hours.
  • Supporting adult education and programming for senior citizens, parents, and community partners.
  • Offering the recreational use of athletic facility and playing fields, including an on-site turf field.

This District-Wide Solution Will Include:

  • 270,000 total square feet including a 12,000 square foot gymnasium.
  • Capacity for 1,360 students in grades 6-12, grouped into small learning communities.
  • State-of-the-art science labs and technology classrooms.
  • Fine and performing arts classrooms and a 750-seat auditorium.
  • New sports complex for competition and practice.
  • Walking paths and track for community use.
  • Outdoor classrooms, student gardens, and hands-on project areas at every grade level.
  • Construction updates to Veterans Memorial Elementary School and Belmonte Middle School.


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