Business Certificates

Please be aware that a Business Certificate is not a license to do business.  A Business Certificate is simply stating that a business is currently doing business in the Town of Saugus.  It does NOT imply that the business has met all permit requirements, or licensing requirements by the Town of Saugus Building, Health and Zoning Departments as may be required, for the legal operation of the business at the stated location.

A Business Certificate is in effect for four years from the date of issue and shall be renewed each four years thereafter.  A statement under oath must be filed with the Town Clerk upon discontinuing, retiring or withdrawing from such business.

Business Certificate Filing Fee$35.00
Discontinuance of Business/ Change of Name/Change of Location$10.00

No Business Certificate shall be issued without a completed General Liability and/or Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit.  (Available at  MUST BE submitted with Worksheet and Notary applications.

Download Instructions and Worksheet for Filing a Business Certificate.

Download a Business Certificate application for Notary Public