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The Town of Saugus has been accepted into the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) grant program for school building construction and renovation projects. At the MSBA's February 15, 2017 Board Meeting, the MSBA unanimously voted to move the new Saugus High School Project into the Schematic Design phase, pursuing the preferred solution of a combined MS/HS for 1,360 Students at approximately 270,000 SF.

During the Schematic Design phase the project designer, HMFH Architects, will develop various proposed floor plans and massing studies, undertake site investigations (emergency vehicle access, utilities, traffic, landscape options, etc.) and conduct public meetings to gather community input on the various proposed options.

During the Schematic Design phase, the Owner’s Project Manager, PMA Consultants, will discuss and review scheduling and construction procurement methods with community leaders to identify the most cost effective, schedule efficient manner in which to procure the construction of the new Saugus MS/HS. As the liaison between the Town and the MSBA, PMA will continue to keep the MSBA up-to-date on the project’s progress via reporting and other project communications.

The project is on schedule to submit the finalized Schematic Design to the MSBA on May 18, 2017. 

MSBA Building Process

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Why do we need a new school in Saugus?

Building condition and structural issues

The Saugus High School building’s interior is failing and the overall building and systems are in poor condition. Aging systems in the current building result in significantly higher maintenance and operating costs.

High energy consumption

Energy consumption in the existing Saugus High School building is exorbitant. The steam heating system is antiquated and inefficient resulting in inadequate ability to regulate classroom temperatures. The building lacks proper insulation in the walls and roof, windows are single pane and inadequate to keep heat in the building.

Saugus High School Renovations over the Years