Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree Announces Work Towards Town-Wide Master Plan Underway To Manage Future Growth, Development

(Saugus, MA) November 1, 2019 – Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree is pleased to announce that work towards the development of a Town-wide Master Plan is underway as part of an effort to assist the Town in managing future growth and development. When completed, the Master Plan will also aid the Town in protecting environmental resources, setting priorities for developing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities, creating a framework for future policy decisions, promoting open democratic planning, and providing guidance to land owners, developers, and permitting authorities.

The Town is moving forward, with the assistance of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, in researching and assembling the Master Plan, which will include a statement of goals and policies for land use, housing, economic development, natural and cultural resources, open space and recreation, services and facilities, transportation, and implementation. The Town will incorporate input from residents and stakeholders as part of the compilation process, which could take 1.5 - two years to complete.

The latest version of the Town’s Master Plan is decades old. Town Meeting members recently supported this $150,000 investment to update the Town’s Master Plan. Town Meeting members also supported and approved a two-year moratorium on the construction of multi-family dwellings of three or more units to allow the Town to analyze the impact on the Town, which will be addressed through the Master Plan.

“An updated Town-wide Master Plan will study and analyze local development and how it has and will continue to impact the community,” said Town Manager Crabtree. “It will certainly benefit the Town and its residents and businesses to have and build off of that information, and serve as a guide to the Town on how best to move forward with current and future growth and development.”

The two-year temporary moratorium will provide the Town with time to conduct an analysis and comprehensive study to determine the impact of construction on police, fire, and emergency public safety, the school district, the water, sewer, and roadway infrastructure and the safety of the general public.

The Town-wide Master Plan development and the two-year temporary housing moratorium were both supported and approved by the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, and Town Meeting earlier this year.

“I would like to thank the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, Town Meeting, and residents of Saugus for their continued support of important community initiatives such as this,” concluded Town Manager Crabtree.

For more information on the project, contact the Town Manager’s office at 781-231-4111.


About The Town of Saugus

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