Youth & Recreation

About the Department

Per the Chater, the Youth and Recreation Commission is established for the purpose of carrying out programs included but not limited to those designed to meet the opportunities, challenges, and problems of the youth in the Town of Saugus in conjunction with any similar or related programs of any agency of the Commonwealth or any agency of the Federal Government. 

The Youth Commission was established around 1993/1994 in response to the youth risk behavior survey administered by the Saugus School District, in 1992.  This survey showed alarming data, which ranked Saugus youth a third higher than the national average, as more likely to engage in high-risk behavior.  At some point, the Youth Commission absorbed Parks & Recreation, their responsibilities, and their budget.   However, the budget for Parks & Recreation was eliminated, but not their responsibilities.  With that being said, we have been running and maintaining numerous programs and activities that cater to both mission statements of the Parks & Recreation and the Youth Commission.  These programs have been run without the full funding that the Department had originally received.  The Saugus Youth & Recreation Department is constantly looking for new ways to create fun and exciting programs for the youth of Saugus.  We also provide job opportunities for the older age groups.  Older teens are taught job ethics and how to act and grow in their workplace. Volunteer options are offered as well.  We kept the cost for these programs extremely low to accommodate families in these hard times. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Gregory Nickolas Director 781-231-4022
Crystal Cakounes Programs Coordinator / Field Permits 781-231-4022