MIS Department


Information Technology is key to Saugus's ability to grow, educate its children, respond to emergencies, and efficiently provide services to its citizens. Investments in IT applications and infrastructure provide town managers with tools to more effectively observe and manage the financial, physical, and human resources of the Town, as well as increase productivity.

The MIS department is responsible for the integration of all activities and resources designated as:

  1. Systems and data processing, comprising computer-based systems design and implementation, applications, and operating software.
  2. Telecommunications systems and networks, comprising the integration of planning, development, and implementation of all systems and network services.
  3. Delivery of applications and other information services products which meet the users' specifications in terms of quality and cost.
  4. Protection of the Town's computer data and information assets and resources.
  5. Identification of opportunities in the development and support of new and existing technologies.
  6. Training of employees in the use of various aspects of information technology.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
James Trombly MIS Director