Fee Schedule

Food Establishment

New Establishments:

Food Service0-100$150.00
Retail FoodLess 10,000 sq. ft.$100.00
Food ServiceOver 100 Seats$200.00
Retail Food10,000 sq. ft. and Over$200.00


Minor ChangeLess than 25% Renovation$50.00
Complex Change25% or Greater$100.00
Additional Plan Review Meetings $50.00

Permit Fees


Food Establishment

$150.00 per Year

Plus $1.00 per Seat
Retail Food

<10,000 sq. ft. 150.00

>10,000 sq. ft. 250.00
Residential Kitchen for Retail Sale$100.00
Residential Kitchen for Bed & Breakfast


Plus $5.00 per Room
Change of Ownership Inspection$50.00
Mobile Food Unit$100.00
Temp. Food Establishment$50.00 per Day
Catering Establishment$50.00
Catering Function$20.00 per Function
Permit Renewal – Late Fee$50.00
Frozen Dessert$60.00
Ice Cream$10.00
Asbestos Abatement Permit$50.00
Bottled Water & Carbonated Nonalcoholic Beverage$25.00
Burial Permit$10.00
Butcher Waste$50.00
Certificate of Occupancy$25.00
Fill Permit$50.00
Function Halls$200.00
Funeral Directors$100.00
Septic System Installer$100.00
Health Clubs$250.00
Keeping of Livestock$25.00 plus $1.00 per Animal
Stable Permit$25.00 plus $5.00 per Horse
Methyl Alcohol$10.00
Motels$100.00 plus $5.00 per Unit
Portable Toilets$2.00 per Toilet per Day
Pumping & Trans. of Septage$200.00
Recreational Camp$100.00 one week camp
Recreational Camp$200.00 more than one week

Septic System:

Plan Review/Installation$200.00
Percolation Test$50.00
Disposal Works Construction Per.$100.00
Repair Existing System (Minor)$50.00
Repair (Existing Flow) with Soil Testing$150.00

New Construction or Increase in Flow

Witnessing of Soil Tests$200.00 per Day or Fraction of Day
Swimming Pools$100.00 Public & Semi Public
Syringe Permit$50.00
Tanning Establishment$250.00
Tanning Salon Plan Review$100.00
Renovations/Equipment Change$50.00
Tobacco Sales Permit$100.00
Transportation of Garbage or Solid Waste$200.00

Massage Therapy:

New Establishment Plan Review$100.00
New Massage Therapy Review$100.00
Renewal of Massage Practitioner Permit$100.00
Establishment Fees(See Massage Rules/Regulations)
Body Art Practitioner$250.00
Body Art Facility$250.00

Download the PDF Fee Schedule here.